Most orders, as well as continued contact with relatives, are done by phone or e-mail. Some customers want to have an initial meeting, but not everyone is able to come to us in Stockholm. We collaborate with SBF (Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund), who are able to provide our gravestones through their funeral homes.

After initial contact with the customer we make a sketch following their requests and brainstorm together until the design is as good as it can be. 
When the design sketch is done it is sent out to the cemetery administration in question for approval. Then the order is sent to Glasriket and when the gravestone is done it is delivered to the cemetery. 

A Glass Gravestone From Our Collection

If you want to place an order from our collection, you will have to consider the following:
Which style and motif that you wish to combine, which font and what it will say:
– Name
– Dates
– A poem or something else.

Creating a Unique Gravestone in Glass

Either you can choose a gravestone from our collection or you can bring your own ideas for the design. If you do, it might be helpful to consider the following

– Light or dark, discreet or colorfull
– Plants, objects or something else
– Name, dates, maybe a few words or a poem.
– Color and disign of the letters, print or lognhand, straight or swirly, small or large letters.

The variations are endless when you design a gravestone.
It is important to us that the final design corresponds to the customer’s idea and that the result is as good as it could possibly be. Many times the gravestone will be so beautiful and lovely that reality exceeds imagination.


Once the gravestone is done it is delivered to the cemetery. Some relatives wish to be present when the gravestone is mounted. Many experience this as a beautiful and important moment and it becomes a part of the grieving process. Some choose to collect the gravestone, either in Småland or in Stockholm, and to handle the mounting themselves.

Easy and Secure

Our glass gravestones come with a specially designed based for mounting, which meet the security requirements of CGK (The Central Grave Committee, part of The Swedish Federation of Cemeteries and Crematoria).

To mount our gravestones is easy for cemetery staff as well as for private individuals. Mounting and care instructions and a small kit with care products come with delivery. It is also possible to download instructions for mounting and care as a PDF in the links down below.

(They are in Swedish at this time)

Mounting instructions
Care instructions