Our gravestones are beautiful, different, personal, unique and made of glass. They are manufactured in Sweden and are produced in a large variety of sizes and shapes. A gravestone in glass gives a delicate and beautiful impression. It is transparent and comes alive when the different shades of light are reflected through the glass.

In our collection there are many gravestones to choose from. There are seven different styles of glass, and many different motifs that can be combined with the desired style.

Click on respective style to see the motifs that comes with it..

Gravsten i glas med motiv
Model 1
Gravsten i glas med motiv
Model 2
Modell 3
Model 3
Modell 4
Model 4
Hjärtformat gravsten
Model 5
Gravsten i glas med motiv
Model 6
Rund gravsten i glas Modell 7
Model 7
Gravsten för barn med motiv
Childrens gravestones