Purchasing Conditions

Glasgravsten Sweden AB follow the Consumer Purchases Act, the Distance and Doorsteps Sales Act as well as recommendations from The National Board for Consumer Disputes, ARN. Glasgravsten AB stipulates the right to annul an order from people who give incorrect personal information. Information about facts and prices are subject to typing errors. All prices are including VAT.

  1. Deliviery Time

    Time of delivery is usually 6-8 weeks after the Cemetery Administration has given their approval and an advance payment of 50% has been paid.

  2. Confirmation

    When Glasgravsten Sweden AB has received the order a confirmation is sent by e-mail to the customer as soon as possible, alternatively contact via phone.

  3. Conditions of Delivery

    Delivery terms: ex works our warehouse in SE-364 43 Alstermo, Sweden.

  4. Payment Conditions

    Glasgravsten Sweden AB bills half the cost according to agreed price that has to be paid within 10 days after placed order. After the payment has been received the production of the glass gravestone begins. The remaining bill is paid 20 days after delivery.

    Alternatively, it is possible to pay in interest free installments over up to 24 months through Wasa Kredit, with no additional costs for the customer. (Apllies in Sweden)

    The order is carried out following the usual credit rating, which means that Glasgravsten Sweden AB can collect credit records. In the cases where the work is ordered and finished, but cannot be mounted due to ground frost, the work will be billed in its entirety and mounted when the ground conditions allow it. Glasgravsten Sweden AB stores the stone until mounting. In case of default payment Glasgravsten Sweden AB stipulates the right to claim full price for ordered and delivered product as well as costs for shipping, debt collection and/or application for injunction to pay.

    Reservation of Title

    The product belongs to Glasgravsten Sweden AB until payment has been rendered in full.

  5. Damages – Guarantee

    If the gravestone were to be damaged during transport, Glasgravsten Sweden AB will take care of production and shipping costs for a new gravestone. If the gravestone is damaged by external causes after mounting no responsibility falls on Glasgravsten Sweden AB. Glasgravsten Sweden AB provides a 25-year guarantee for the quality of the motif.

  6. Right of Withdrawal

    When purchasing a glass gravestone ordinary right of withdrawal applies according to the Distance and Doorsteps Sales Act (14 days). Notification regarding withdrawal shall be informed to Glasgravsten Sweden AB via e-mail or phone.

  7. Use of Personal Information

    Glasgravsten Sweden AB will not share any of the customer’s personal information, address or e-mail with any other company. Personal information that the customer provide through our website will only be used for sending information in relation to the order, questions or according to the choices that the customer has made. As consumer you have the right to request:

    • Extracts from registered information
    • That registered information is changed
    • That registered information is deleted

    Contact us if you are in need of any of this.

  8. Disputes

    In case of disputes, Glasgravsten Sweden AB will follow the recommendations of The National Board for Consumer Disputes, ARN.