When my brother died in 2008, I wanted to create a beautiful memorial for his grave. I had the idea to develop a completely new type of gravestone in glass and began to experiment with the design. At the end of 2012 the idea became reality and now the glass gravestone stands in Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm. The lilies on the glass blossom year after year and light up the winter darkness.

Peter Ahlèn

Bild på Peter Ahlén och Lutt Jeorell

Since 2005 we, Peter Ahlèn and Lutt Jeorell, have created images on glass in private and public settings through our business Art on Glass in Stockholm. Since 2008 we have dedicated most of our time to further developing our gravestones in glass and to creating new designs. Through our work we meet many people in grief. We have our own experiences of grief and loss and we know how incredibly difficult it is to lose someone close to you. We know how relentless grief is, for everyone that it affects.
Many relatives choose some form of memorial mark, and more and more people are choosing a gravestone in glass. It is a great honor when we are commissioned to create a glass gravestone and we put a lot of effort into making something unique and beautiful.

Since 2016 our small company has grown with the addition of three new part owners – Dan, Jesper and Andreas, who provide technology, production and logistics in Glasriket in Småland. As we are now more people in Glasgravsten Sweden AB, we have both better and bigger possibilities than before. Together with our skillful partners in Glasriket we will continue to develop and create our unique and beautiful glass gravestones, which we are the only ones in the world to make.